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Hey there, I’m Barbara.

Y o u   d e s e r v e   t o   b e   h a p p y.

Act now.

I'm the creator of this web site.  I'd love to share some ideas with you.

Self-care is essential for our life.
Self-care is not selfish.
The more you care about yourself, the more energy you'll have.
The more you take care of yourself the less stressed you'll feel. (yep!!)
Self-care is important for your health. (very important, I mean…essential)
Why is it so difficult to
take care of yourself?
The first problem is that most people have never learnt to practice self-care, and women above all, grow up with the idea that they have to meet the needs of everyone else before their own.

Do   you   recognize   yourself   in   it?

So throughout the world, there are women able to take care of others - children, husbands, parents, friends, animals, plants, home…seriously? - but they don't take care of themselves enough.

They hope that people will anticipate their needs and when this doesn't happen, they begin to think that their needs aren't essential.

Women often worry that making their well-being a priority will hinder taking care of their partner, families and friends.

The exact opposite is true.

The more you care about yourself, the more energy you'll have and the less resentful you'll feel. Practising self-care each day could make you a better person and you could feel you have more to give others.

So, let’s go straight to the magic question:

How   can   you   take   care   of   yourself?

At first, it's not easy, because you need to introduce new habits in your life.

It takes patience and practice.

It requires understanding why you don't take care of yourself, and sometimes you might have uncomfortable feelings, but a powerful version of you will begin to emerge.

After experiencing just how important taking care of myself is, I wanted to give this experience to you as well.

I can help you to develop new habits and improve your life.
You can find here encouragement, a lot of self-care practical tips on my blog, and valuable resources to download on my shop!
Now, It’s your turn.

Do   you   want   to   stop   loosing   your   time   and   to   have  a better   life?
Start your   J o u r n e y   w i t h   m e !
read my  B L O G            

visit my R E S O U R C E S              

There is only one thing you can do: take care of yourself emotionally!

I can help you.

But first…

I’ m   B a r b a r a   R a t t i .

I'm an italian woman, I live in Milan.

My job is to find talents (superpowers) in children, and as a consequence I now seek talents in everyone. Yes…it’s correct…everyone.
I love to observe people (with discretion!!) and to look for little clues of their talents-superpowers.
A B O U T   M E
Barbara Ratti picture from www.takecareofyourself.tips
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