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I’m Barbara, the creator and editor of takecareofyourself.tips
I’m constantly discovering and being inspired by new ideas, experiences, people and places, and growing as result.

I have always been interested in personal growth, living a life identified by good energy, beauty, wellness and satisfaction.

Self-care is my tool to live the life I want.
Self-care is a lifestyle. My lifestyle.

I see self-care as a way of life, not as something we do when we are on the verge of a breakdown. A way of life that starts with self-love.

  • I love to improve myself, but I know that I can improve only if I accept every part of myself, my strengths but also my weaknesses. Accepting myself is the first step that allows me to act and express my potential.
  • I don’t want to waste my time complaining because I’m not perfect, I love to act. I love to reach the essence of an idea and make it part of my routine before my mind can find some annoying excuses to make me stop.
  • Indecision was one of my problems some years ago, but I learnt that if I plan and act consistently, I can achieve my goals.  When I achieve my goals I feel satisfied, I feel great energy and I improve my self-esteem.
  • One of my life values is to live a fulfilled life loving myself and helping people to take care of themselves by sharing my experience.
  • I’m here for you. You can learn to love yourself like I do.
  • Everything starts with you. Your relationships with others, your work life, your dreams and goals. The way you move through the world, all of it starts with you.
  • Taking care of yourself is the most important practice you can do to get stronger.
  • Taking care of yourself is the expression of acceptance of your needs and your identity and, in the end, it is positive feedback and the biggest “yes” you give yourself.

At first, self-care can be overwhelming because it feels like another “should” in your life.

I have learnt to dissolve the idea of “I should” introducing the idea of “I can do it”.

Takecareofyourself.tips is the right place to learn that “you can do it”.

I’m here to suggest some good tips, a clear self-care plan and my experience.
I want to inspire you to act. I want to help you to organize your self-care plan and track your practice using some useful and inspirational tools.
I believe that your wellness is a necessity, not a luxury!

You need clear practice and some good tips to plan your lifestyle.

The three minutes practice is my solution, my research, my way to help you to take care of yourself through action.

You can start to take care of yourself spending three minutes per day. Yes, only three minutes per day. I do, and it works.

Is three minutes enough?
Yes, because three minutes is enough to stop the fear you’re being selfish, because you know that you only need a few moments and then you can carry on with your daily routine. Because you feel that you can do it.

I really want to show you a lot of exciting and useful activities and you can start to try them, all in only three minutes.

I call this TTP, (TakecareThreeminutes Practice) and you can read and download them for free from my reserved area.
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Try my simple strategies and approaches called TTP, to trick your fears and your need for approval.

Read more about my TTP and start to have a great day!
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