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I’m  B a r b a r a  R a t t i.
Take Care Of Yourself.tips
Why I’m here.

I’ve had a whisper in my soul since adolescence.

I knew I deserved more, I knew I could achieve a great  though unconventional life.
I badly wanted a magical life, but I thought I was perfect! I mean, I didn’t believe I had a perfect body or a perfect life, but I believed I behaved myself in the perfect way.
I thought if I wanted to improve my life I had to look outside myself. It could have been a new city, or a new fiancé, or school or house.
And I did it.
I moved to another city, enrolled at a new university, got into a new relationship and found a new house.
Guess what? My frustration increased, and when insecurity, fears and self-doubt appeared, I pushed them down.

My life was a constant quest for outside approval. I found myself in relationships for the wrong reason.
My relationships became my whole world and the focus of my attention. I was never satisfied with my life. I was continuously looking for a change outside myself, over and over again.
When a long and complicated relationship finally ended, I began to realise that I wasn't as perfect as I thought I was.
After a long period of soul-searching, I understood that the love I felt I was missing in my relationships was in truth the love I wasn't able to feel for myself!

I decided to start from the very beginning: finding and loving myself!

I put the “perfect girl” to one side and  decided to start my " journey of personal discovery ", bringing with me a huge humility-filled suitcase.

Taking care of myself was my way to change my life for the better.

The good news is that change is possible, loving yourself is possible!Yes, it’s possible; that whisper in your soul is there to remind you that you can!
You can have an amazing life; It's not the matter of where you live, or having a perfect boyfriend, or a perfect husband, or a perfect work. You have an amazing life when you love yourself!!

You are in the right place because:

this blog is for those women who want to listen to their inner voice and to start loving themselves through self-care practising; women like you!

It’s a place of inspiration, encouragement and tips. A place where you can find friendship and fun!

I invite you at my “virtual lounge”, sipping a glass of wine (or a good Martini!) to celebrate our friendship.
At my lounge you can find out how you can bring little moments of pleasure into your everyday life, caring more of yourself, and how you can develop new habits that make you happier and stronger.

You can learn how to take care of yourself , through daily little steps practice. Yes….little steps every day!!
I love little steps. They reassure me.

Something  more  about  myself:

Creativity is one of my favourite self-care tool. I’m not an artist, but I have fun with colours, draws, collages and photos. You can then find here spots of creativity, just for fun!

I'm pretty sure now that perfection doesn’t exist, so….Stop Worrying about making the right decision, stop worrying about your body size, the right dress to wear, your life in general. Do you already Know it?
Well, then scream it loud: Stop Worrying!

I’d love to live in a world where every woman takes care of herself, where we all women connect with each other, with our hearts and our minds.
I've discovered if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. Never forget this very big truth!

I’ve learned on my own skin that only when we really care for ourselves then we naturally begin to care for others in an honest way.

I love improving myself. It’s my greatest interest.

I’m an optimistic woman, always looking for the positive side of things, even though my attitude is very pragmatic.

I love  writing down my thoughts and writing about the discoveries I make.

I think that words have vibrations and the great power to help people.

I’m a seeker of beauty in everyday life too.

I’m a seeker of acts of humanity. When I come across an act of humanity, I feel thrillingly deep emotions. It can be a brief intimate moment between two people or a crowd moved by the same thing, it feels the same to me: it's a perfect, wonderful, amazing moment that increases my trust in humanity.

I love books; reading books is another self-care and self-improve tool to me.

I love movies and TV series; I do love Netflix!  I'm an addicted!

My purpose is to share my life and my path with as many women as possible. I’d like to connect with women all around the world, sharing how important the taking care of ourselves is.

We can live in different countries and different ways, but we are women, and something joins us together (this is a great superpower!).
Sometimes words, advice and experiences coming from far away people, with no connections with our daily life, can change our life.

Taking care of yourself is the only way to change your life for the better.

Listen to your soul and Invest in yourself!

Welcome, I'm glad to meet you!

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