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Take Care Of Yourself
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Hi, everybody, we are in 2016, a new year.

We have lots of plans in mind, ideas, and good intentions about health, food, gym, job, relationship and…..we feel overwhelmed. Too many thoughts in mind!
We can only do one thing.

Try a slow deep breath!

Now another one! It’s simple, I know, but we often breathe quickly.

One deep breath can relax our mind. It’s simple, but we often forget to do it.

Ever since discovering that I took short quick breaths, I began to understand lots of things about my body. I was often anxious, tired and…overwhelmed!!!

During a massage to cure a bad backache, the physiotherapist asked me to take some deep breaths and…wow!!I felt my body relax; I felt my muscles, my stomach and I felt the contact with the sheet under my body.

I felt very light. A very good feeling.

Since that day, I have begun to breathe deeply for two or three minutes every day.

Breathe deeply and relax your mind!

We are in 2016, and the first thing to do is…..breathe!


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