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Take Care Of Yourself
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I have just read these words:
“Acts of kindness from strangers put a smile on your face and inspire you.”

I completely agree because:

When I have kind people around me, I feel kind too, and I have a smile for everyone; my spirit is light, and I feel an emotional connection with the world.

When a bartender talks to me in a friendly way while I'm sipping my morning coffee, and he is still friendly after a 10-hour working day, I feel so lucky to meet joyful people.

When I see a busy waiter whistling very loud to attract a stranger’s attention, because the latter was shoving off with his boat still anchored, I feel grateful thinking about the kindness there is around the world.

When I buy some presents in a shop, and the salesgirl wraps my three packages with extreme care, as if they were the most precious gift in the world, using different paper, ribbons and some perfect little flowers, I feel like a princess.

When a stranger opens the door, with a friendly smile for me, I feel inspired, and I do the same with the person after me.

When a woman comments on one of my posts or writes me an email, I feel happy because it means that I can help another woman to find her brightness.

When I talk to someone for the first time, and I perceive that she doesn’t judge me but she uses supportive words, I feel generous towards other people.

When a person that I meet once per year, hugs me so warmly that It seems I'm his/her best friend, I feel loved, accepted and very special.

When a woman in a restaurant gets up and offers to take a photo of my boyfriend and me, I feel honoured.

Yes, I think that kindness is like a stone dropped in a calm lake. Once you drop it in, it sends ripples of kindness in every direction.

So...drop your stone!

Have a good day, Barbara.

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