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Take Care Of Yourself
When you listen to some advice about taking care of yourself, your mind focuses on eating properly, drinking lots of water, doing exercise, relaxing your body and taking your time.

You are right, but it isn't enough.

Your soul needs nurturing too. It's important to focus on the exterior, we can look and feel great, but when we are going through a crappy period we need something more than our appearance.

For a long time, I tried to fix a lot of external turbulence. I was pretty good at convincing myself that I was okay.

I found a lot of distractions like news clothes, books, food, friends, and I always had a logical explanation for my actions or thoughts.

But I hadn’t been taking care of myself emotionally.

One day my house of cards collapsed. After ignoring what was going on in my life, I ended up in the corner of my bedroom punching the wall and feeling an excessive amount of pain all at once.

That moment changed my path. My life could not continue to be so empty; I felt certain that I could have a better life, I sensed it.

The next day, a friend of mine, a counsellor, asked me what my needs were. I felt a sense of emptiness and loneliness. I didn't know anything about my needs.

I knew some of my partner’s needs and those of my students perfectly, but I didn't know mine.

In that moment I saw where to start a new life.

I started to read books and follow courses about people’s needs and emotions and how to take care of my soul and my heart.

I understood that it was necessary to nurture my soul.

I realized that when I felt negative feelings I had to express them totally and then release them from my body and my mind.

I know that conflicts and wounds from the past cause toxicity in our cells, blood, and organs.

I started to accept my vulnerability and look at myself through eyes of love and compassion.

I perceived that if I loved and respected myself, the world would love me.

I promised to live differently. I made a decision to wake up each day and connect to who I am and nurture myself from the inside out.

Each day I spend time alone doing something for myself and my soul. I read, dance, write a journal or draw in my gratitude notebook.

I slow down, I walk and observe the beauty in the little things.

I embrace the sadness or the frustration, and then I let go. Sometimes I let go of some sad emotions one day, and sometimes I need more time, but eventually I release them.

I write my thoughts in my JOURNAL or focus on a word, and I visualize my thoughts leaving my life. I repeat to myself that the most difficult circumstances are temporary.

Now I perceive my emotions, even if they are intense and painful. There is a little place in my mind where there are kind words, joy, creativity, gratitude, and wisdom. It's a place where I can find relief.

Now I trust myself, and my inner resources that grow from the experience.
I accept my imperfections and every day I use kind words for myself and our perfect and imperfect world.

Most of us live not knowing what it is to love and take care of ourselves,
but you can choose to move your life to the next level!

Honour and love yourself.

It's the best gift to yourself and the world.


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