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Take Care Of Yourself
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After a day at work, my mind is full of thoughts, and the only useful thing I can do to feel better is relaxing.

If I don’t do something to relax, I spend my whole evening in a bad mood!

After spending  many evenings in a bad mood, I have finally understood how to relax.

Every day I try to do something different.

First of all have a quick debrief with yourself, consider what you did well today, what didn’t go well, what changes you can make and what things you should schedule for tomorrow.  

Spend about five minutes.

Now start to think about what you want to do in the evening for yourself. You may have some work to do at home or for your family, and you can reflect on that on your way home, but don’t forget your own private time.

Refuse to take any calls or bring your work home.

Get out of your work clothes, put on something comfortable, light some candles and take some deep breaths.

Get in the shower and think that the water has a calming effect on the mind and soul. Imagine yourself under a waterfall.

Make yourself a cup of tea, choose from either chamomile, lemon or verbena or a blend of them all.

Relax with good music.

Take a deep breath, then count up to 10.  

Visualize the stress and tension leaving your body with your breath. Imagine a calm and relaxed scene in your mind.

Do something that you love. Read a book, do something artistic, write down your thoughts, use your creativity!

Do some stretching exercises, dance, play a musical instrument, sing. Focus on what you are doing and free your mind.

Be silent, sometimes we need only silence to help our brain to find a sense of quiet.

Take an online course and learn something new.

You can spend less than an hour following one of these tips.

After an hour relaxing you can spend your evening with your partner, your child or having a long chat with your friends but now your mind and your body are at rest!

Today is the right day to start relaxing. Try one of these tips and write me something about your day!

Have a nice evening!


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