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Take Care Of Yourself
Published by in take care of yourself · 15 January 2017
Tags: decemberreflections2016thebest2016day
Today I took a look to Susannah Convey's “December Reflections 2016 group”, and the prompt for day nine was “the best day of 2016”.
I have started to remember the best moments of 2016 and also the sad events. This year I lost my lovely dog and this event has been hard to accept, I went through painful periods, the loss through illness of people around me. But I also lived great, intense and joyful moments.

Looking back on the past year I have discovered that I do not have one best day but I feel a general sense of happiness, gratitude and joy.

Clearly, I haven’t had this feeling every day, but if I close my eyes and visualize my year, I sense a flow of good feelings of contentment, gratitude, relaxation and appreciation.

Looking at the first page of my journal, written at the beginning of the year, I haven't reached every goal (they are stil a long way off!) but I have improved my way of thinking.

I have had a positive attitude, and I have taken lessons from the events in my life. I have tried to turn disappointments into life lessons. I have tried to accept what I can't change and to change what I can't accept.

From my experience, it's not realistic to be happy every day, because people need to feel the complete spectrum of emotions, but you can increase the number of days you feel a sense of satisfaction about your life.

The first step I made to improve my life was to ask myself:

what kind of person do I want to be?
what values do I represent in my life?

I thought about what kind of person I wanted to be in various contexts as a teacher, a partner, a friend or a citizen of the world.

Then I made a list of things I should have done to achieve my values, and I have tried to do one of those things per day or per week.

The second step I made to improve my life was to put myself at the centre of my happiness:

I'm responsible for my health, my mind and my body.

Whether I improve my life or not, It's my responsibility.

The third step I made to improve my life was to stop comparing myself to others.

When I compare myself to someone who is better than me in some ways, I start feeling unhappy. It’s better to compare my work to my previous accomplishments and try to compete only with myself.

The world is full of better people than me but I try to do my best, and that's enough for me.

The fourth step I made to improve my life was doing the everyday things I love. When I do what I love I feel that my life is moving. I feel alive and complete.

I choose to take time for myself and for the things I love every day. If I don't find the time my day is incomplete, and I'm not satisfied.

The fifth step I made to improve my life was to ignore the negativity around me. It's hard sometimes, but I have realized that negative people or situations bring out the worst in me.

Negativity sticks to me, and I feel bad for days. So get rid of negativity and have no mercy!

The sixth step to improve my life was to find something to be grateful for every day. It can be a tiny thing or a great event, but every day I focus on something special to me and I'm grateful for it.

The seventh step to improve my life was to seek the beauty and expose myself to it every day. It can be a perfect moment, a smile, a flower, a kiss from my partner, a special word, music, a snail in the grass, a pair of beautiful shoes or my energy itself...it’s something that I can see and starts me thinking that we live in a beautiful world!!!

What about your 2016 best day? Share it with me in the comment below, or by private message in the contact page, or by email; I would really appreciate it!

Love, Barbara.

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