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Take Care Of Yourself
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 This week I want to celebrate the healing and relaxing practice of wandering.

I have just finished to read the Keri Smith’s book, "The Wander Society", and I’m very inspired. I have taken some pictures to document my new practice.

Wandering: " the act of unplanned, aimless walking, exploring, ambling with a complete openess to the unknown.
Wondering is not about a specific place o destination, getting from one place to another, or movement as a means to an end. Instead, it’s about letting the soul and mind roam.
Wandering is a state of mind as well as physical act. You can choose to enter into it whenever necessary. "

Keri Smith
The wander Society

Wander is: get lost in an hidden hole...

Wander is: walking near a farm and looking at 3 vain goats...

Wandering is: looking down and discovering a micro-world...

Wandering is: walking in the park and meeting a new friend...

Wandering is: being in different places and feeling connected with each of them...

Wandering is: discovering the details of the world...

Wandering is: finding the beauty in every street...

Wandering is: looking at the world with the eyes of a child...

Have a good wandering,

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