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Take Care Of Yourself
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Sooner or later everyone feels a sense of solitude; sometimes it’s only a slight feeling and sometimes it can lead to a feeling of desolation.

I have felt loneliness many times in my life, and one thought that has helped me to feel better was the idea that other people all over the world were experiencing  the same feeling at that same moment.

I figured someone somewhere was feeling the same loneliness.

This approach helped me because I felt connected to someone. I didn’t care who it was, but someone in the world was close to me. It sounds a little bit weird, but it has worked in my sad moments.

Recently I have been watching the first season of Sense 8, an American science fiction drama series.

The story is about eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked.

It’s an incredible series, and you can see feelings, emotions and connections joining people who are physically separated!

It’s my dream come true.

It’s a movie, and It isn’t real, but it shows how important it is to have a connection with another person in your life.

When I feel alone, the presence of someone can warm my heart, and I experience a deep relationship with the world.

I feel a great sense of humanity. Sometimes it might only be a smile from a stranger or a kind gesture but my perspective changes and I perceive that I’m not alone. The same emotions that I sense are the same emotions as someone else somewhere in the world.

This is a powerful thought.

The movie is not real but I’d like to follow this kind of connection with the world.
I’d like to know what you’re experiencing at this moment and share some moments with you.

Remember that you are not alone because someone is out there.

Have a nice day!


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