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Take Care Of Yourself
Published by in take care of yourself · 16 August 2016
Hi dear friends, here I om on holiday in  Corfù,  Greece, and today I want to share with you the magic of a place I've just discovered.

I'm talking about a lovely, tiny island opposite the northern coast of Corfù, called Erikousa. You can read more about Erikousa here, but  I can tell you now that there are about twenty people living there during the winter!

There is only one small village near the port, with two hotels, about three bars/tavernas, one doctor and one policeman!

The rest of the island is a marvellous mix of deserted sandy beaches, and cristal clear warm water.

Being here is a true dream; it's an amazing place to relax your mind and to be in touch with your true self.

I was wandering around the beach for like an hour, feeling so released and happy!

In the small village I then discovered a lovely Pop up Store by Lili Gabbiano, both a brilliant and gentle woman and a talented designer and artist, who sells handmade clothes and artcrafts (you can take a look @ www.liligabbiano.com).

She is able to capture the "spirit" of the island and put it in her work; the clean and minimalist layout of her Pop up Store, as well as her creations, have inspired me, giving me a sense of freedom through simplicity.

What do I want to share with you today? That beautiful places and art can make our day. Don't forget!

Enjoy some photos I took in Erikousa!

The Island...

The Lili Gabbiano Pop Up Store...

...Hey, that's me wearing the Lili Gabbiano hand made t-shirt I bought from her Pop Up Store in Erikousa!

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