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Introduce Self Care daily routines  
with my TTP method.
Discover how easily you can improve your life
with my TTP !


The real question is: How do you want to feel today?
Do you want to feel confident during a meeting with your boss? Do you
want to feel supportive of your family or full of energy after an exercise
session? Do you want to feel encouraging when you speak with a friend
about her new plans or comfortable in your body when you look at
yourself in the mirror? Do you want to feel connected with your needs
when you are tired?
Barbara Ratti | 18/5/2019


Truth is that there is no real hurry. There’s only the life we create for ourselves through stuff and busy plans. Just because society is always in a hurry, does not mean we have to be.
Make the conscious choice to do less.
Barbara Ratti | 7/7/2018


We have lots of plans in mind, ideas, and good intentions about health, food, gym, job, relationship and…..we feel overwhelmed. Too many thoughts in mind!
We can only do one thing.
Try a slow deep breath!
Barbara Ratti | 9/2/2016
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