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How to take care of yourself at work

Self-care at work is essential, especially when you are under a lot of pressure. Instead of thinking about self-care as a longer break or vacation that only happens once or twice a year, take some relaxing moments for yourself every day, even if just for five minutes. You deserve it.
Barbara Ratti | 7/4/2019


Being aware of your need is essential but it’s important to know how to satisfy it.
One of my favourite ways to clear my mind is very simple and quick.
I do it when I feel overwhelmed by my thoughts.
Barbara Ratti | 23/12/2018


I want a place where we can meet and share our lives. We can be in different countries, live in different ways, but we are women and something joins us together.
Barbara Ratti | 11/7/2016


The point is that if you feel alone, or you have a problem, and you can't solve it, speak to someone, find information, read about the experiences of another person with the same troubles.
Barbara Ratti | 26/6/2016


When we think positive thoughts about ourselves we tend to experience positive emotions and when we think negative thoughts, we tend to experience negative emotions.
Barbara Ratti | 13/3/2016


We have lots of plans in mind, ideas, and good intentions about health, food, gym, job, relationship and…..we feel overwhelmed. Too many thoughts in mind!
We can only do one thing.
Try a slow deep breath!
Barbara Ratti | 9/2/2016
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