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Take Care Of Yourself
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My purpose is to share my life and my path with as many women as possible all over the world.

I feel that friendship is so precious, and it’s necessary to treasure it.

I want a place where we can meet and share our lives. We can be in different countries, live in different ways, but we are women and something joins us together.

When I was a child, I read a book called: “Once upon a time in the meadow: a "six cousins" story.”

I love the story of six little girls who live by themselves, enjoying a lovely day rounded off with a picnic and a parade. The little girls share experiences, problems and a lot of funny moments. This book is always in my mind, and the six little girls warm my heart.

Now, I have grown up but my dream is still the same, I’d like to connect with women around the world and share the importance of caring for oneself.

Sometimes we are alone, we feel isolated even in our own families, we need a word from someone who understands our feeling. The day can be transformed by simply connecting with one or more woman.

During an online course called Mondo Beyondo, I read a post from a woman,  a dancer and a coach who lives in Berlin, I was fascinated by her words. She was living outside her comfort zone, and I was trying to do the same.

I have read a lot of articles and books, but my comfort zone was so peaceful and cozy.

I wrote to her, and she gave me some excellent advice. When I read her email, I was so excited and euphoric, and I began to look at my everyday life in a different way. I know that, a dancer in Berlin was living her life, and her path was an example for me!

I felt that I could change something in my day. This idea was encouraging to me.

Sometimes, words, advice and experiences from people  far removed from our lives can change our day and our life itself.

My dream is to create connections between many women.

I’d like to create connection with YOU!


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