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Take Care Of Yourself
Published by in believe in yourself · 11 December 2016
Tags: believeinyourself
Dear young friend,
I’d like to give you some advice about how to live your life, how to take the right path and some stuff like this.

The truth is that I have learnt how to live living my life day after day, without a map. I enjoyed every experience, and I'm satisfied with every self-discovery.

Discovering something new is the wonder of life.

The only truth that I want to share with you is :

Trust your inner voice. Always. Trust yourself. Always. Do Not betray yourself. Ever.

They are simple words, but they have a huge meaning.
It will be hard, but if you live your life with this in mind you will not lose yourself, you will be yourself, and this is one of the greatest strengths you can feel.

If your inner voice says no, listen to her.

If you feel a strange sensation and your first thought is that the situation is not right for you, trust yourself and go away.

If you feel that a conventional life is not for you, find your way by listening to yourself.

If you don't like what you are doing, stop it and listen for what you really want to do.

You are not born to make your father or your family or friends happy but to honour yourself. Sometimes your decisions to change school or work or city or something else in your life can hurt someone, but you are not responsible for the plans of others, you are responsible for yourself.

It's hard, I know, but sometimes we are angry or unhappy or depressed because we have betrayed ourselves.
We usually blame our family, friends or, partner but the truth is that we have allowed them to hurt us.
The anger is directed to ourselves because we have not stopped it or because we haven't taken care of ourselves.

Our inner voice knows that something is wrong, but we hold back in the name of love, or friendship, or fear, or despair, and in the end we destroy ourselves.

If it happens, don't blame yourself. We all are a mess of contradictions.

Forgive yourself and start to listen to your inner voice and promise to prioritise yourself.

Teach yourself to say no with certainty and teach yourself to say yes with gumption.
Give yourself the permission to claim your needs and wants.
Discover your real passions, your interests, your way and follow it.

You are a unique girl.

Nobody is exactly like you in the world, honour yourself and have a great life.
Your life doesn't belong to anyone else.

Trust yourself. Always.

I love you.

I dedicate this letter to a young girl who I admire and who has given me 11 memorable years of love and friendship.

Thank you,

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