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Take Care Of Yourself
Published by in take care of yourself · 18 September 2016
My holiday is over. I visited wonderful places and met very friendly people.

My heart is full of positive emotions. Nice  people, magic places and new experiences have left a great impression on me.

I want to  be able to bring some important thoughts to mind, and I think that a list is a powerful tool.
It’s my own list, but I’d like to share it with you.
If you have a list too, use the comment box and write to me.

We could have discovered the same things!!

What I have realised during my holiday:

- Kindness is a powerful tool for a good life. Kindness produces positive energy in the world.

- When my mind is open, I have more fun.

- I absorb the energy of the sea, and I feel very well.

- When I' m in the flow (no worries,good people, energy) I have good intuitions.

- I can control my thoughts. I need practice, but I can do it.

- Even if my English is not very good, it doesn't matter to anyone.

- I'm balanced when I bring out my emotions, and I accept exactly what I feel without judgement.

- Accepting others means seeing their weaknesses.

- Breathing deeply improves my life.

- I need to have fewer  things. I need more experiences.

- I like my f e m i n i n i t y.

- When I eat more protein, I feel better.

- If I want to be myself, I have to accept some consequences, but it's worth it.

- When I control my shopping, I feel focused.

-  Being in a fun mood is just great.

- When I have emotional resources (because I have obtained a lot of positive feedback from my life), I'm very patient with others.

- I feel grateful for my life

- When I look for a heart-shaped stone on the beach, I find  one! (If I ask, the Universe answers!!)

- Heart-shaped stones make me happy!!

- Living in the present is a powerful tool.

- My focus is: follow the flow and let go of your fears or worries.

What is your summer list?

Have you ever written one?

What do you want to  be able to bring to mind?

Take your time and have a good day!

note: I've lost the live post comments due to a server issue :) here they are as a static screenshot; you can use the live comment box at the bottom of the post to write me more!)

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