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Take Care Of Yourself.tips
I’m Barbara,
the Director and Editor of takecareofyourself.tips

Educator, Mindfulness Advocate, and Self-Care Enthusiast.
My lifestyle

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the field of education, Structural Cognitive Modification, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness practices, I firmly believe that a healthy mind is the cornerstone of a healthy body and a fulfilling, long life.

Life has its way of teaching us, and I've felt the impact of negative stress on my own path.

Through the ups and downs, I embarked on a journey to understand, address, and ultimately conquer its impact.
I've explored countless strategies to find the delicate balance between life's demands and personal well-being.

As a dedicate self-care and mindfulness educator, I've delved deep into the fascinating world of cognitive processes within education.

My aim is simple: to empower people, just like you, with unconventional, creative and easy tools to live healthier, more balanced and more fulfilling lives.

I spread the importance of extraordinary self-care among women around the globe and help them to  find their stunning, fierce and adorable way to take care of themselves.
I promote their unbelievable, radiant, magnetic power to re-built themselves. Incessantly.

By sharing my knowledge, experiences, and practical insights, I help women prioritise their mental and emotional well-being, everyday using practical, easy, unconventional tools.
Join me in this sensational journey towards a life filled with balance, mindfulness, and savouring.

Welcome to my website,
a radiant place where you'll find expertise, unforgettable friendship, and a woman's vision of what it truly means to live life on your terms, not dictated by societal expectations. I live on my own rules!

Here, we'll explore the path to authentic living, celebrate your uniqueness, and uncover the secrets to a happier, healthier, and more empowered you.

Takecareofyourself.tips is designed to help you de-stress and calm in few moments, take the right break and savouring your life. Incorporate stress-free ways to feel better.  Every day.
Join me, and let's create powerful  and spectacular moments during your day you love, just the way you want it.

What  Takecareofyourself.tips  is?

Takecareofyourself.tips it's a space that supports girls and women in their self-love and self-care journey.

It's a place where you can feel the expansive feeling of discovering something new about yourself.

And you are welcome.

It doesn't matter your age, gender, religion, experience, size and more.

You are welcome and I'm glad to meet you.

I want to inspire you to become stronger and powerful  taking care of yourself because  the world need some strong, powerful and confident women right now!



BArbara RAtti sign
Director and Editor:
Barbara Ratti.
Take Care of Yourself
is operated by
Thinqua Srls
VAT n°:  IT03833050127
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