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Introduce Self Care daily routines  
with my TTP method.
Discover how easily you can improve your life
with my TTP !
Take Care Of Yourself.tips
I’m Barbara,
the Director and Editor of takecareofyourself.tips
My lifestyle

I’m constantly discovering and being inspired by new ideas, experiences, people and places, and growing as result.
I have always been interested in personal growth, living a life identified by good energy, beauty, wellness and satisfaction.
Self-care is my tool to live the life I want.
Self-care is a lifestyle. My lifestyle.

Why am I here?
I see self-care as a way of life, not as something we do when we are on the verge of a breakdown. A way of life that starts with self-love.
One of my life values is to live a fulfilled life loving myself and inspiring people to do the same.
Everything starts with you. Your relationships with others, your work life, your dreams and goals. The way you move through the world, all of it starts with you.
Taking care of yourself is the most important practice you can do to get stronger. Powerful. Brave. Confident.
Taking care of yourself is the expression of acceptance of your needs and your identity and, in the end, it is positive feedback and the biggest “yes” you give yourself.
At first, self-care can be overwhelming because it feels like another “should” in your life.

I have learnt to dissolve the idea of “I should” introducing the idea of “I can do it” and "I want to do it"

Takecareofyourself.tips is the right place to learn that “you can do it”.
I’m here to suggest some useful tools to take care of yourself every day.
And I'm here to inspire you to act.
I give you some visual  tools to start to take actions right now!
We make visual reminders that help you to have some self-care moments every day. The visual reminder are clear and easy to do to avoid the overwhelming feeling to have too much to do.
Read them, keep them close to you and start to use them in your everyday life!
When you reach your self-care goal, You will feel a great sense of satisfaction and your seelf-esteem increase.
We help you to rech your goal and become stronger and confident.

What  Takecareofyourself.tips  is?

Takecareofyourself.tips it's a space that supports girls and women in their self-love and self-care journey. And you are welcome. It doesn't matter your age, gender, religion, ethicity, experience, size and more. You are welcome and I'm glad to meet you. It's a place where you can feel the expansive feeling of discovering something new about yourself. Something that can make you feel great!
I want to inspire you to become stronger and powerful  taking care of yourself.
We need some strong, powerful and confident women right now!

I want to inspire you to believe that your wellness is a necessity, not a luxury!



BArbara RAtti sign
Director and Editor:
Barbara Ratti.
Take Care of Yourself
is operated by
Thinqua Srls
VAT n°:  IT03833050127
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