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Take Care Of Yourself
Published by Barbara Ratti in take care of yourself · 24 July 2022
Self-care is an act of loving yourself. We know it…We read it everywhere…But do we take care of ourselves for real? The truth is that we do…sometimes…

Sometimes the world around us is more important, and urgent than our balance. And it’s ok…it’s normal. We have expectations, we want to be present for family, friends and colleagues. We need to feel useful to others because we need that feeling. I need to feel useful. I need to help, listen to others, and solve some problems. I feel really well.  It’s one of my needs. But…sometimes…I don’t respect my limit and in the name of my need, I lose my energy. I don’t recharge my battery and I feel tired, nervous, unbalanced, and not in control of my feelings. …Do I like these feelings?….Of course not…
I repeat to myself that it’s the last time…and I’ve learned the lesson but guess what? It’s not true….
It happens again and again…

But I’ve recently changed my approach.

Instead of feeling guilty, I look at the situation, I look at my need. I try to see that. And then…I forgive myself. I repeat to myself the lesson to learn. I try to record the bad feeling and then I let go of everything and re-start again my self-care practice. Some little things for myself. I breathe properly, and I spoke to myself with positive thoughts. I read a good book. I walk or dance.

But above all I set boundaries.

How? I look at the situation, I help, I encourage, I listen but then I stop for a while, and I think about myself. How Do I feel? What is my need now? What can I do now for myself? When I find my answers, I act. Without hesitations.  
I take my time.

Time to listen to me. Deeply. I take a few minutes to simply become aware of my body. I use some mindfulness exercises to connect with the present moment. I visualize some beautiful landscape to relax my mind. I try to see details, use my senses, and listen to the sounds.

These moments rejuvenate me.

I check my thoughts and I feel new energy and I see that I’m again in control of myself. My feelings, my thoughts, and my energy.

Sometimes we lost our self-care practice, but…my advice…stop everything. Don’t be upset. Set your boundaries. Take some moments for yourself now! Take several long, slow, deep breaths and take the control of your thoughts, feel your body, and do some useful exercises to relax.

You will be proud of yourself!

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