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Empower Yourself by managing your stress levels.

In this blog post on "Take Care Of Yourself-OFFICIAL BLOG-Barbara Ratti," discover effective ways to empower yourself by managing your stress levels. Learn how to de-stress, take care of your health, and incorporate powerful breaks into your routine. Explore techniques like micro-breaks, journaling, gratitude, and visualization to create a relaxing space and feel alive again.
Barbara Ratti | 13 Feb 2024

how to handle stress in the moment

The main thing I learned from a difficult period is to listen to my body. Sometimes it's your body's way of saying "if you don't take a break, I'm going to make it impossible for you to continue - to FORCE you to have a break" In those cases there really isn't a quick fix. You have to listen to your body, be extra kind to yourself.

Barbara Ratti | 17 Dec 2023
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