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Taking Breaks is vital !
Taking short breaks during the day is one of the most vital self-care activities in order to keep your level of energy high and your stress level low.

Taking breaks helps you to:

- really relax rather than simply pause
- slow down and still find excitement in your everyday life.
- reduce your mental fatigue, boost your creativity and balance your body
- restore your mind, body and spirit.
What Science says.
Science says that taking breaks is useful for:
making better decisions (by thinking more clearly)
sparking creative ideas and new solutions.
focusing over long periods of time.
· relaxing your body and staying healthy.
· knowing your needs better
Why is it difficult?
Why is it so difficult to take regular breaks on a daily basis?
We all know how important it is to take breaks during the day to relax the mind and the body, but we still prefer working for long periods of time and only take a break when our brain finally stops co-operating.
There are probably lots of personal reasons behind this but let me try to define at least some of the most common ones.
·      We feel too busy to take breaks. We have a lot of things to do so we think that taking a break is a waste of time.
·      We feel social pressure to “do it all”, at work and at home.
·      We measure our worth not by the results we achieve, but by how much of our time we spend doing things. We live frenetic lives, at least in part, because it makes us feel good about ourselves.
But let me assure you, even though you feel that way, the opposite is true. When we relax, the flow of blood increases in our body giving us more energy. It helps us to have a calmer and clearer mind which helps positive thinking, concentration and decision making. When you feel settled and comfortable, you work through problems and apply your creativity differently than you would otherwise.
When you’re feeling relaxed, you’ll inspire others to follow your example, and that could benefit both you and your environment.
How to do it !
How do you keep in mind to take a proper break?
We read a lot of information about everything. It’s really difficult to find what’s right for us without feeling stuck. I’ve collected a ton of ideas, tips and exercises. I copied them on my PC and into my notebook but when I needed some quick tips to relax my mind or to stretch my neck….A big question popped up in my mind: “Where did I save that note about that exercise? It was so perfect…where is it?
Only the idea of looking for it on my PC or in my hundred notebooks, stressed my mind so much that I gave up more frustrated than before. After a lot of stress and not so nice words to myself and my typical lack of organisation, I finally changed the approach.

I remembered that when I studied at university, I wrote some important notes and some motivational quotes on yellow post-it notes and I put them on the walls. Every time I looked at the note, I repeated the words in my mind and quickly the information was part of me.
I started to use the same strategy, this time writing some quick tips about how to breathe properly or how to stretch my body. I stuck them in front of my desk and on the mirror. Every time I looked at them, I felt that I knew exactly how to take care of myself properly and that’s what I do. I also wrote some motivational quotes on the wall beside my bed to get inspired and motivated.
Why it works.
This works incredibly well because:

·    It is one of the first things you see every morning.
·    It tells you what you could do throughout the day for your health and wellness.
·    It motivates you to keep on going.
·   When you need a break, there’s no thinking. No remembering. Just doing.

Visual notes are a powerful way to hold our attention because they help to highlight the important things.
During the day, looking at some visual reminders about quick relaxation exercises, helps us to act quickly, without spending time looking for information and losing the motivation to do it.
It is much easier to stick with good habits when our environment pushes us in the right direction.
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