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What I have learnt in this strange period

Take Care Of Yourself
Published by Barbara Ratti in take care of yourself · Sunday 10 May 2020
Tags: connectionmindfulnesspositiveattitude
Today I’m thinking about what I’m learning in this strange period. Some days I feel in control, I have my routine, my job, my self-care moments, my reassurances… and some days I feel like in a centrifuge, definitely overwhelmed…

I need to clear my mind and find what I’ve learnt…

I’ve learnt that it’s possible to feel a deep connection with a person even if you can’t meet her or him. It’s possible to share fears, feelings, plans  even if you can’t see the face or feel the energy. Words help and if you find the right words you can share your feeling fully and have a deep connection. I like the feeling even if we are far apart.

I’ve learnt that It’s difficult to manage my waking hours properly.

Spending a lot of hours at home, I wanted to do so many things, but it was impossible to do everything, so I tried to stop my mental chatter for some moments. I used some mindfulness tips to refocus on myself. I focused on the feeling of my feet on the ground: the pressure of my foot, the tiny movements of my toes, the warmth of my feet. I was completely in that moment and it helped me to stop the mental chatter. When we are focusing on our senses our brain focuses on the sensations that it receives. In that moment the brain fog disappears, and we can think more clearly.

I’ve learnt that I have to take control of the awful news I listen to because I’m too sensitive and it affects my mood in a bad way. I need to avoid bad news so much during the day. I try to have a positive attitude during my day about every part of my life. I try to focus on positive moments and actions and for this reason I have to protect myself by choosing what I need to listen to and what I can avoid because it’s too negative or not good for me at this moment in time.

I’ve learnt that I hate to wear the mask but I know that it is useful so I have to stop to repeat to myself how much I hate it!

In every situation we can learn something and go on with our life and hope always for the better.
Stay safe, take care of yourself because you deserve it!

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