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How to love yourself, a practical tip

Take Care Of Yourself
Published by Barbara Ratti in take care of yourself · Sunday 27 Jun 2021
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Are your thoughts about yourself often negative? Too severe? Critical?
I see the picture. Clearly.  

I spent a lot of time in that mood.

We feel frustration. We’d like to be different. To be more …something more…in …everything we do..
There is a way.

A real, concrete way to stop the negative thoughts and love yourself more.
To love yourself you need to be proud of yourself.
To be proud of yourself, you need to become the best version of yourself. Soul, body and mind. You have to prove to yourself that you are “that person”.

We are all unique and we have a lot of potential energy. A lot. But ...we need to learn to manage it and above all...find it.

We can’t be what we don’t know.

To know our potential energy, we need to discover ourselves very well.
What do you dislike about yourself?  Be sincere. Write it down.

Why do you act in the wrong way? What are your hidden needs? What pushes you to act in that way?

Important questions. Big answers and big changes.

We are moved by our needs. Discover them and you ‘ll start to understand a lot about yourself, your choices, your struggles, your “Why does this always happen to me?”
Discover your needs, discover your bad habits. Change them. Change your thoughts. Because maybe you hate that part of yourself, and you need to change it to feel proud of yourself. And you can.
Take baby steps. Take your time.

What are your negative thoughts? Write them down.

What do you not like about yourself?
How do you imagine the best version of yourself? How does she act? How does she think? How does she move? How does she like being?

Ask yourself these questions and start to look for what makes you feel proud of yourself. It’s a journey and it is so powerful.
Start a dialogue with your higher self.

What do you like about yourself and what would you like to change?
What makes you feel joyful in life?

Finally, to know yourself, you must follow your intuition and your heart.
Listen to what makes you feel joy, positive energy, enthusiasm, love.

The more you listen to your intuition and the more you follow it, the more powerful it can be. It is like a muscle; you can practise and train your intuition and make it stronger.

Write down your answers.

I have collected mine and it’s so interesting to read them…again and again, unravelling the puzzle of my real needs, my past choices, my story.

I learned that I tended never to take breaks, that I needed a lot of approval from people. I have discovered that unhealthy habits make me feel comfort, control, gratification. By acknowledging my deeper needs, I planned to consciously meet them in a healthier way.
I’ve found that I have a lot of energy in my body, and I need to move my body every day in the right way.
When I found the right answers, I started to focus on my idea of my best self, and I’m trying step by step to reach my ideal.

Is it simple? No, you need to think about “your ideal” a lot…and change your thoughts, habits and ideas very often.  But It’s worth it. Absolutely.

When you feel that every day you are closer to act following your ideal self, you feel so good!
You feel proud of yourself….you know that you can be better and this is magic!! Best feeling! Proud of your thoughts, actions, and goals. You know that you really can do it. And when you do once, you can repeat it again and again….

It doesn’t happen in one day because It’s a long journey but step by step, thought after thought, tiny actions after tiny actions… you start to see what you love. The best part of you. Your best self.
So, first of all…start to discover what do you don’t like about yourself and start to think about how is your “ideal”.

Write down your answers, reflect on them, read, again and again, start the journey….no judges, no failure….
We are human and we have a past, sometimes a difficult one.
Being aware of it it’s like “a map”. We know what we don’t want…it’s a big start.
Start to act as your ideal. Read several times your answers. Think about it. Elevate yourself: thoughts, words and actions.

I love to write my “map” on paper. It’s therapeutic.  I have created a workbook as a tool to write “your map” You find questions, inspirational quotes, tips to find your personal map toward your ideal self!

Print the workbook you find in my shop (click here). It’s a digital product. Download and print it.

Start to think about your ideal self. It’s an amazing feeling.

Start to love this part of yourself. You deserve it.

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