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Introduce Self Care daily routines  
with my TTP method.
Discover how easily you can improve your life
with my TTP !
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Printable Self-care Tools and Workbooks to high your energy level and to feel good. Get yours!
I design tools for Self-Care that assist in maintaining high energy levels and reducing stress.

Motivation and Inspiration are key factors in achieving wellness.

Self-care is crucial to living a happy and fulfilling life, so take time to prioritize your well-being.

The purpose of self-care tools is to help manage stress and promote well-being, allowing you to live your best life.

                 Choose your favorite tool, and use it to keep yourself in charge of your life !

" Reminding women to take healthy actions and create a real change in their daily routine for reaching a high level of energy in their life.
Choose NOW your favorite tool  and USE IT
to keep yourself IN CHARGE of your Self-Care !
Category: cards
Set of 10 printable cards containing inspiring messages to help your friends and motivate them in this difficoult moment of lockdown. CLICK FOR DETAILS.
0.98 €(IVA incl.)
Category: workbook
How is your relationship with yourself? Do you love yourself?

During a frustrating period, I started thinking...how was my ideal self? If I act as my ideal self, can I be proud of myself? Can I love myself more? So, I decided to find some answers. I start to write and understand better my needs…

I have made a workbook to collect my answers and I believe that it’s a really useful tool even for you!!
5.00 €(IVA incl.)
Category: workbook
Life can get chaotic, it's easy to forget to prioritize our own well-being. But no fear, because I have something special to share with you—a self-care checklist that will revolutionize the way you nurture yourself. Get ready to download and print your very own functional and practical self-care checklist right at home!
2.99 €(IVA incl.)
Discover the Power of Gratitude with my FREE Printable Template!
Are you ready to experience the life-changing magic of gratitude? Embrace a positive mindset and elevate your well-being with our exclusive Gratitude Template Printable!
Category: cards
Set of 3 printable cards containing Reminders for integrating self care moments into your routine. CLICK FOR DETAILS.
4.80 €(IVA incl.)
Category: cards
Each word on your Manifesto infuses inspiration into your day. Your Manifesto will be your tool to keep you mindful of your actions to your self-care practice. You can read every day, truths and beliefs that propel a better life.
5.00 €(IVA incl.)
Do you need a useful FREE tool to prioritize your well-being and cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling life ?
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Barbara Ratti.
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